Future Performances

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KAYA Festival - 10th Anniversary 
Friday 27th - Monday 30th August
Overstone Park, Northampton, NN6 0AS
Kezzabelle Ambler, as Assistant Project Manager of Kaya Fest and running the 'Kaya Speaks' section of this festival.
Tickets are NOW available on EVENTBRITE and we look forward to seeing you all there next year for a fantastic weekend! To celebrate the 10th Year Birthday Party – Check out below some of the finest highlights of this prestigious festival!
For more details head to - https://kaya-festival.com/ to get your ticket now!
Wednesday 12th May - 7.30pm
Featured poet for Write and Release performance. Hosted by Randy Horton.
For more details - CLICK HERE.
Tuesday 4th May 7pm EST
Featured performance for Nexus Poets, North Carolina, USA.
For more information and viewing of the event CLICK HERE
16/04/2021 - World Voice Day
From Kezzabelle Ambler herself -
Today is #WorldVoiceDay I was a shy little girl truly finding my voice about 47ish.
I'm passionate about helping others find their voice too, expressing stories & imaginings in my

Weaving Words

creative writing workshops.

Let's give ourselves permission to speak, which happens to be the title of my latest poetry book, cd, audio & Kindle & on my YouTube channel. Here's 'Permission To Speak' at the Galleria!
On #WorldPoetryDay enjoy poems from three immensely talented women.

Poets in London

Facebook Group are #OnIt, giving each other the confidence to powerfully express themselves. And we’re all for that. Do you have a favourite poem?

Here is Kezzabelle's Ambler with "I Am Woman" - One of three poems selected by Facebook.
Below also is the Spoken Word Video -
Masterminding For Success Interview - With Kezzabelle Ambler
In episode 5 of masterminding for success I Zeshan Haroon interview guest speaker Kezzabelle on how she was born in Tripoli to now currently a Published performance poet, speaker & voice over artist Kezzabelle Ambler playfully weaves her wit & wisdom to express & connect her inner most thoughts & observations in warm dulcet tones.
Trailer for Alan Moore/Mitch Jenkins 'The Show'
Release - 2021
Feat. Kezzabelle Ambler.
Premiere at the Sitges Film Festival, Barcelona - 15th October 2020.
Tuesday 23rd March 2021
Can You Poet - 'Whiteness Walks Into the Bar' 
Event details can be found by CLICKING HERE

Kezzabelle Ambler performs in this event - Hosted by Tre Ventour. The event will be discussing Whiteness and the various connotations it has / the forms it takes, including White power and Whiteness in our structures and institutions, from education and policing to HR, charity and the private sector. "Neutral is white. The default is white. Because we‘re born into an already written script that tells us what to expect from strangers due to their skin color, accents and social status, the whole of humanity is coded as white." - Reni Eddo-Lodge

After a year where many of us have been in discussions about racism in the West, I thought we it'd be interesting to talk about its partner (kind of), privilege.
"Blackness. however, is considered the 'other' and therefore to be suspected. Those who are coded as a threat to the collective representation of humanity are not white. These messages were so powerful that four-year-old me had already recognised them, watching television, notice that all the characters who looked like me were criminals at worst, and sassy sidekicks at best." - Reni Eddo-Lodge
Whiteness will be our topic in its many forms and manifestations.
Monday 8th March 2021
Women Say Stuff 6 - International Women's Day
Kezzabelle Ambler performs in celebration for International Women's Day. Women Say Stuff is a platform for poets identifying as Women to perform to a mixed audience. For more information - CLICK HERE for more details.
Sunday  7th March 2021
6pm - 9.30pm
SISTAS, SAY IT LOUDER - International Women's Day Special
Kezzabelle Ambler - Featured Act
Kezzabelle Ambler will be the featured poet alongside various and amazing artists in celebration of International Women's Day - For more event details - CLICK HERE for more information.

Friday 5th March 2021

9pm laid back 'The Lounge' with Kezzabelle Ambler in 'Wordsmith Wench' mode, comic

Marcuss Tisson, Funny poet Clive Oseman all entertaining

(join sharpish)

Tuesday 4th March 2021
#WorldBookDay2021 'Permission To Speak' with poem 'I Will Not Be Buried' filmed as part of 'A Weaving Words Experience' online writing course released soon  Inspired by Mexican Proverb - 'They tried to bury us. They didn't know we were seeds'
Tuesday 26th January 2021
Kezzabelle have recorded the voice over with Old Hotel Records for the children's book 'The Lucker Story - about a comfort blanket' written by sister & brotherJoy Cox& Christopher Cox.
It's now available free with podfollow.com in 5 parts to enjoy together with your children.
Check out the link below for more information -
Saturday 16th January 2021
Oyster Mind - Spoken Word Video By Kezzabelle Ambler
From Kezzabelle Ambler -
I had many realisations, learning & revelations during the 1st hard lockdown last year, haven't we all eh?

'Oyster Mind' grew from writing of escapes with my

Weaving Words group in March 2020.
I realised that if someone understood & loved my mind & heart, I was ready to share my inner treasures.
'Oyster Mind' is part of a collection I'd like to publish & record in my 'big birthday year' called 'Permission To Love Yourself' - Living for the day when 'they really love themselves' is a celebration rather than a put down.
Sunday  3rd January 2021
Shire Sounds Radio with Frankie O'Dowd - https://shiresoundsradio.co.uk/
Tune into Shire Sounds Radio to hear Kezzabelle Ambler with host Frankie O'Dowd. Sure to give you a wide array of laughs, emotions and smiles.
Sunday  3rd January 2021
Awenites - Literary Arts Hosted by Doc Janning of Ohio
EST 2.30pm - GMT UK - 7.30pm
Headline Act - Kezzabelle Ambler
For More Details - CLICK HERE - so you don't miss out!
County Culture - Open Mic Night
Sunday  27th December
N Live Radio - www.nliveradio.com
County Culture has its Open Mic Night - with guest host, Sami Set! Alongside various performers including Kezzabelle Ambler.

The Night Before Christmas Voiced by Kezzabelle Ambler by Clement C Moore illustrated by Ted Rand

Sunday 20th December

A warm traditional story read by Kezzabelle to share in the festive season written by Clement C. Moore. Illustrated by Ted Rand. Video edited by Drayzera.

Saturday 12th December
Kettering Christmas Market
Kettering Market Place
Lincoln Noel Pianist - The Maestro & Kezzabelle bring some colour & fun to This is Kettering to entertain you as you shop.
Books & CDs will be available to buy as presents if you would like to purchase.

Wednesday 9th Deccember

'Three Wishes' Spoken Word Video - Written & Recorded by Kezzabelle Ambler

This poem was written whilst swimming in the local pool jumping out every now and again to scribble down ideas and is now available in 'Permission To Speak' book/cd/download/kindle http://www.kezzabelle.co.uk This compilation of photo's were taken from 2009 - 2020 of performances throughout the Uk and Amsterdam taken by friends and professional photographers alike so they vary in quality but capture many moments. Three Wishes was recorded by Old Hotel Records with special effects added by Rob G Nichols.

Tues 8th December

 Virtual Scribal Gathering Xmas Special

Scribal Gathering Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/ScribalGathering

Xmas Virtual Scribal Gathering - Awesome headliners & a wild open mic mix of spoken word & music with pre-recorded videos, Kezzabelle is  sharing 'Great Unexpectations' , 'Permission To Speak' & 'Three Wishes.'



'County Culture' Radio interview 

Sunday 22nd November 8-10pm UK Time on

NLive Radio

106.9fm, 3 audio poems from Kezzabelle's download will be played on the County Culture Show by

Paul Giffney
Bard of Northampton

Special 'White Fairy Friday' offer 3 items for £20 on www.kezzabelle.co.uk

'Picture, No Picture' on WYSY Launch Live
(still wear the Dutch Army Boots in this poem )
Life in These Old Boots Yet
Eight hole
ex-army surplus boots.
What action have they seen?
By whom, where and when?
Worn before – new to me.
Time marked, pale tan nubuck,
comfortable, smooth – soft.
Contrasting hard toe cap fronts
leading the way forward through
unsteady, uncompromising terrain – tough.
Hints of musk lingers
earnt from previous life’s use.
Essential oil massaged
deep into the sole
revives, eases and prepares - reborn.
Ready to be tomboy punky favourites,
or worn with fairy outfits,
to dance and adventure,
to fit and mould to a new pair of feet,
walking an unchartered fresh path – sure footed.
Kezzabelle Ambler © 27.10.2016


Doin' It 4 The Kids FEST + Double Album Launch
Saturday 21st November 
13.00 (UK Time)
New CD - Doin' It 4 The Kids FEST + Double Album Launch
available on bandcamp from Friday 20th November.
To Donate - Please Click on this link here to support the Compass Children's Charity - Compass Childrens Charity Donation Page
Checkout the live event this Sat 21st Nov


The Lucker Story Book Launch.
Kezzabelle Ambler - Featured Storyteller
(Provisional) Friday 20th November.
Time: 7pm  UK
Where: Zoom/Facebook live
Dress code: PJ, comfort item and pet party (optional). You can
stay off camera if you like.
Just come and have fun #everyoneneedscomfort
Available on this link here - https://www.facebook.com/3PPublishingUK/
Rutland Poets
8pm - 10pm
Tuesday 10th November
First Airing - 'Emergency Muse' poem.
As your 'Emergency Muse' just email or Direct Message Kezzabelle for your bespoke poem for someone special✍️info@kezzabelle.co.uk
Emergency Muse
Let me wrap my words around you
soothe with syllables and TLC,
hold you safely in my prose
to heal today’s life malady.
Where blunt harsh internal knocks
leave an eternal bruise,
let me ease the bully’s disease,
let me be your rescue muse.
Let’s soak hurting tears and fears
in calming psalms,
a devotional potion bathed daily,
a cleansing stanza balm.
Restful rhymes are
immunity remedies
that help alleviate
persistent anxieties.
Lullaby stitches applied carefully
to love lines torn apart,
turn time’s pages with soft phrases
to mend a broken heart.
Sleepless nights and bad dreams
need a boost filled prescription,
playfully put right
with a comedic injection.
Calamities need anti-inflammatories,
to help all ills from getting worse,
ingested on a regular basis,
take a tonic via verse.
Sonnet power plasters
applied with poised fingers at the ready,
dulcet tones deliver poetic tomes
to keep life’s balance steady.
Prayerful pen in hand,
no promise of heroics,
clauses formulated to serve,
I’m your emergency poet.
Johnnys Happy Place 
Johnnys Happy Place is still keeping up the great work - Kezzabelle is also running


Weaving Words at Johnny's Happy Place

via Zoom Sun 1st Nov

12.45pm UK Time

If you like to express & do some creative writing with Kezzabelle free of charge - then please check out this link for more details -

Johnny's Happy Place



Gary Huskisson's Pic n Mix. Birthday.


7pm UK Time

Friday 30th October 2020

For more info to check out Kezzabelle and various performers in this event - Link Below

Pic'N Mix Birthday

Young Woman By The Sea - By Kezzabelle Ambler
Kezzabelle  has the original postcard from 1977 in Les Issambres, South of France where at nearly 16 yrs old. She worked for 3 months in Restaurant Tardieu on the beach. 'Young Woman By The Sea' tells the story, recorded by Old Hotel Records from my book 'When You Say Yes'
& on 'Fantasy Holidays in a time of Covid' via 6 different podcasts platforms
Google Podcasts: https://lnkd.in/eZC_3dD
Fantasy Holidays In A Time Of Covid Podcast
Let's take ourselves to the South of France for a minute -'Young Woman By The Sea' the poem based in Les Issambres from Kezzabelle when she was almost 16 yrs old is now on the podcast 'Fantasy Holidays in a time of Covid' via 6 different podcasts platforms and more.  It was recorded by 'Old Hotel Records' from my 4th book 'When You Say Yes' available from Kezzabelle's website www.kezzabelle.co.uk
Google Podcasts: https://lnkd.in/eZC_3dD
Siren Poets Book Launch
Kezzabelle Ambler's poem 'Connecting With Nature' has made it into the anthology "The Siren Poets Book Launch"  In Liv Torc's Sirens Project.

The launch is on -

Weds 4th Nov

7pm - 9pm

Book to see the diverse poems performed by their writers, as well as the collaborative poem I was part of 'If The Earth Could Speak'

Full details here - Siren Poets Book Launch Event - PURCHASE HERE


'SHE Enjoys' Online Mega Success Summit Feedback

Vivienne Joy - Founder of  "SHE Enjoys & life changing coach was moved to tears when Kezzabelle opened her She-Enjoys Online Mega Success Summit performing this bespoke poem of empowerment commissioned for this incredible day of international speakers & business women.




'County Culture' Radio interview 

By the Bard of Northampton Paul Giffney on Sun 18th Oct 8-10pm on his show "County Culture" at NLive Radio 106.9fm


'World Ceilidh no.9'
Dutch storyteller Marin Millenaar has invited me alongside other storytellers, musicians and poets to celebrate the 'World Ceilidh no.9'
via Zoom
Sun Oct 18th 3.30pm UTC time (4.30 CEST)
We're invited to tell a short story (7-10 minutes max), perform a acoustic song or recite a poem. All picked by the colourful picker wheel with Jennifer Ramsay starting off the party.
Of course you can also just come and listen to your fellow storytellers, musicians or poets, who come from all over the world OR register for next month to.

'The Poetree Project' 

Kezzabelle is the special guest featured poet for

'The Autumn Poetree Project'

Friday 16th Oct 7.30pm.

'The Poetree Project' was put together to encourage people to write for the first time. As it evolved more experienced writers took part and a supportive framework grew from the spoken word scene. Their relaxed online events celebrate poems selected for the evening shared through live performances, film and audio. For more info about 'The Poetree Project' - Email lpjohnston@hotmail.com


She-Enjoys Online Mega Success Summit - 

Thurs 15th Oct 9-5pm.

Kezzabelle is opening this incredible annual event with a bespoke poem then enjoying & learning alongside like minded women from inspirational speakers in a friendly setting. Let's be empowered together at this online event which is usually held at Wicksteed Park, hit the link & don't look back.




Scribal Gathering Virtual Live Stream

Tuesday 13th October


Kezzabelle will be on the Live Stream Virtual Scribal Gathering alongside musicians, poets & scallywags

Tune in via the Scribal Gathering Facebook Page here - https://www.facebook.com/ScribalGathering/


National Hate Crime Awareness Week #nationalhcaw 10-17th October 2020
'Silence Condones' written and voiced by Kezzabelle Ambler commissioned by Northamptonsire Rights & Equality Council for National Hate Crime Awareness Week
Check out the video below -

If you are the victim of race hate incidents, race hate crime or racial discrimination and live in Northamptonshire please get in touch with us, for advice, support and representation. Northamptonshire Rights and Equality Council:






'The Show' - First Look Trailer
The trailer is out for the Alan Moore/Mitch Jenkins film 'The Show'- you see a flash of Kezzabelle's huge pink wig in the jury & the green sparkly corset playing flute with Alan Moore, Miss Khandie Khisses & Maddy Luli Thomas in the moon scene.

The Film premiere -

SITGES Festival
Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya

15th October - UK Release 2021

Temperance presents an evening of superb cheese, fine wine and live poetry

Poetry is back.

Fancy a lovely, light-hearted Leamington evening of cheese, wine and selected poetry? Saturday October 3rd with the cheesey-going Mike Took and the fabrielous Kezzabelle Ambler, book now.

Entrance is £10, strictly table booking in advance. This covers the cheese and the poetry. Drinks are extra. To book using Eventbrite - Link below:


Sat, 3 October 2020

18:00 – 22:00 BST


33 Bath Street

Leamington Spa

CV31 3AF

Connecting With Nature - By Kezzabelle Ambler

Thursday 1st October

I feel very proud to share my brand new poem 'Connecting With Nature' for National Poetry Day 2020. Filmed & edited by Benji Dotan.

Inspired from an incredible experience laying on dewy grass as nature intended. Written as part of Liv Torc's Siren Poets challenge set by Adrian Rooke.

One line was used as part of 'I Spoke To The Earth' project too. Check out the video below -

BBC Look East National Poetry Day Showcase - 01.10.2020

Kezzabelle & fellow poets were on BBC Look East reading Malika Speaks stunning poem 'A Tree's Wisdom' for National Poetry Day Photos below of this collaboration. Thanks for the opportunity Malika.



Red Online Exhibition | Rooftop Arts Centre

On Page 3, exhibiting 3 pieces on this online art exhibition entitled 'Red' at Rooftop Arts Centre.

Posters for £20

Postcards for £3

To check this out - CLICK HERE

Kezzabelle Ambler - UNPLUGGED [DrayZera UNCENSORED #53]

Take a listen to the podcast of my interview by the DrayZera phenomenon, as you prepare dinner/drive home or just need a little lift. Happy listening x

Stephen Lawrence Day Project

Commissioned by The Northamptonshire Rights & Equality Council.

Kezzabelle Ambler working with youth alongside Lemon Pop Workshops

22nd April 2020






Soul Food Poetry - Amsterdam 6th Dec 19 (002)

Soul Food Poetry

Debut Amsterdam Performance!

VOLTA, 336 Houtmankade, 1013 RR Amsterdam, Netherlands

7.15 - 10.30pm December 2019




Permission To Speak Poster 23 Nov 19

Permission To Speak

90 High Street, Burton Latimer, NN15 5LA

7:30 - 10pm Saturday 23 November 2019

Off road parking behind the library and Sainsburys.



My fifth book 'Permission To Speak' is to be launched at The Yards, 10 Market Street, Kettering, NN16 0AH.

19:00 - 21:00 - Saturday 20th October 2018

Jacob Brathwaite is opening with his live acoustic music followed by me with my spoken word show described as the 'Mistress of Mischief & wordsmith wench playfully weaving her wit and wisdom to express and connect her innermost thoughts, Kezzabelle x then we'll celebrate, dance & partaaaayyyy x

Free parking at the Cornmarket Hall carpark London Rd, NN15 7QA

To Book Kezzabelle for a performance please email info@kezzabelle.co.uk